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MarineIdnetity.com is a boat or yacht owner’s premier solution for creating custom boat name logos. With professional custom design not only do customers receive a unique Marine Identity but the necessary files for personalized accessory production.

All our Marine Identity Packages included standard production ready artwork files for vinyl lettering, graphics and decals. These files can also be used in the general sign/print and personalized product industry.

Our skilled and passionate boat name designers are committed to excellence and work with customer input and feedback until they are absolutely satisfied. We do not charge for additional revisions and offer lifetime after sale support.


Marine Identity refers to a boat’s name and it’s visual design; typically symbolizing the personality of the boat owner(s) in a similar way a business logo is used to identify itself among a group. A Marine Identity consist of two core aspects. One is the name itself; the origin and significance. The other is the design and overall visual presentation. A primary Marine Identity (or marine logo) is traditionally displayed on the stern or bow of a boat or yacht; sometimes being displayed in both areas in the case of larger vessels or ships. Modern computer design and reproduction technologies provide a gateway to many Marine Identity showcasing options and accessories. Marine Identity showcasing can encompass vinyl graphics, boat wraps, engraving, metal fabrication, acrylic composite, LED lighting and a variety of other branded items.


A Marine Identity was once considered a naval necessity. This was not only to identify and differentiate one in the marine world, but to secure good fortune and blessing from their gods and governing energies. Marine Identity and boat naming as per maritime historian James Clary, author of “Superstitions of the Sea: Digest of beliefs” can be tracked as far back as 2680 B.C. with Egyptian vessel “Praise of the Two Lands”. This was a name thought to signify the unity between the North and South Nile. Ship name design would have likely been created by scribing and using coloured dyes from plant, animal or fruits extracts.

Why in the early boating days and even in current day are boats named with female names?

One theory suggests that female boat names were standard in the early days because ships were named after faithful goddesses. A second theory raises a solid argument with the idea that female boat naming derived from ancient European languages. For example, German and jump4loves.com/ukraine-mail-order-bride/ use a technical masculine/feminine gender association in their vocabulary when referring to inanimate objects. Olde English uses this system as well and the word “boat/ship” is regarded in the feminine context. Through the modern day English evolution random objects no longer have gender ties or affiliations;or do they? We all know tradition definitely lives strong on the water. This just could be why one man still may turn to another man and say “SHE is a real beautiful thing now isn’t SHE?” when referring to a boat with or without a name on it. Today, many still regard a Marine Identity in this manner referring to boats as “she” and naming them with a female name; however, it has also become a battle of wit and boat name technological design creativity.


There are a few things to take into account when creating your Marine Identity. For those who have yet to choose a name here is something to consider. If you see or hear that a boat name you like has already been used, don’t be upset. When coming up with boat name ideas, some owners have even claimed that they have taken more consideration into naming their boat and Marine Identity than naming their own child. Then again, our children don’t cruise around with massive logos branded on their rear. As long as your personal story supports it, it may still be the most fitting name for you. IBG boat name designs are completely unique and personalized regardless of the name or how many times it has been used. Please see below a quick checklist to consider when generating boat name ideas:

  • One: be sure that all elements are appealing and have significance to the boat owner(s) including name, colours, graphic theme, and font style.
  • Two: name or design shouldn’t be to obscure or illegible so that it is not memorable.

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  • Three: consider courtesy; be aware of other audiences and VHF radio call tags as boater safety could even depend on it.



Whether it be for sentimental, superstitious or christening reasons, establishing a personal Marine Identity for your pride and joy is an important decision. Having a unique and stylish Marine Identity provides you and your yacht both character and a sense of being. Some boat owners have even referred to the Marine Identity creative process as a soul searching milestone, and even a right of passage. If you get stumped on ideas when creating a boat name or boat name design, seek feedback or discussion from family, friends or co-workers. Often, many heads are better than one and great ideas come forth when there are more brains involved in the process. Think about how your Marine ID and the story that supports it may influence, affect, or inspire the lives of others.


Most boats have a divine boat name and boat name design reflecting upon their owner(s) and/or captains. These unique and personal icons truly establish Marine Identities throughout the world. With modern technology, showcasing a Marine ID both on and off the water, has become a fun and engaging expression of passion and lifestyle.